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Michelle Williams Wants Justin Timberlake For Duet

When it comes to name that would work, Michelle William (II) is prepared to say that it is Justin Timberlake on top of his wish list. On this question, she admits to having admired him for his hard work. I like Justin Timberlake.He heat is not alone, he has an incredible work ethic, the former member of Destinys Childshared as quoted by the west. If I Met Him I Would Ask Him If We Could Do A Duet By Duet I Mean Make A Record Together.
8.1.09 09:12

Anastacia Expresses Sympathy For Downloaders

If youre a teenager, and all your friends are always free for music, youre not be inclined to pay for this. Weve had a whole generation that believes in taking its beautiful music without paying for it. Anastacias new album, Heavy Rotation, is now. I understand why people steal music. Why you? The pop star said. How do we begin to reprogram their way of thinking? He added. Anastacia expressed his sympathy for the people who illegally download music, admitting that his music has probably reached more fans because of downloads. Id prefer if people bought my music, but I understand why you could illegally.
8.1.09 09:12

Jessica Alba In A Tamil Film

It will be directed by Venkat Prabhu.. This film was produced by Soundarya Rajnikant in collaboration with Hollywood Warner Bros. According to reports, Jessica was chosen to play the role of a foreigner who was killed in mysterious circumstances. Tentatively Goa title, the film is said to be based on the murder of Brit teenager Scarlet Keeling that happened in the coastal Indian state in 2008.
8.1.09 09:12

Elvis Hits 74

, Said Dick Guyton, executive director of the Memorial Foundation Elvis Presley. We ll have enough cake for 200 people. In addition to the chance to sing Happy Birthday in Tupelo favorite son, people will have free access to the house across the said dayIts Like Elvis Giving Back To The Community Guyton. 8, 1935, the eventual King Of Rock n Roll was born in Tupelo, and Elvis Presley hometown is a trio of events planned for the 74th anniversary of his birth. We ll start 1:30 p. Thursday, the Museum Elvis Presley Place of birth and to celebrate the day with cake and punch. M. Gen..
8.1.09 09:12

Celebrity Big Brother Live Blog Launch Night

Tonight will be birthed, live on Channel 4, and we ll be here to follow every grunt and muscular revel in every moment as Davina McCall, once again as midwife to make it, screaming and naked, in the world. Competitors were not informed by the media and the public are on tenterhooks waiting to find out how many of the celebrities that Everyone has heard of this year. It the first night of Celebrity Big Brother 2009: Live Comments (147) Celebrity Big Brother 2009 Photography: / PA It time! It time! I thought that was my New Year Day Hangover hangover just hang around a little longer, but no, no, it just the dark, creeping nascent joy and anticipation of the prospect of another run Celebrity Big Brother funny, two years gestation, just waiting to be born.
8.1.09 09:12

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